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A Letter From the LIUA Photographer

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2008 by Tony Frascogna

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Mecionis and I had the pleasure of photographing members of your varsity baseball team on April 16.
It's often that we neglect to note great performances both on and off the field. Yesterdays performance is one that is worth noting.
My work as a photographer on the local and national level brings me in contact with many fine young athletes. The five players from your varsity baseball program ( I don't know their names) represented your school and athletic program at the highest level. The respect towards myself, the full cooperation they gave me and the pride in their school was must be noted.
As an ex-board of education member (comsewogue), I have been aware of the budget constraints that your district has faced. From the looks of your facilities and athletic fields, I think you have done quite well to weather the budget storm. But more important is the pride that your players take in the field in which they play. I have never seen High School players have this much respect for something most people would consider nothing more than dirt and grass. As an example, when I was done and packing up the players were grooming the area that we were just standing in. They gave me their full attention and cooperation and wanted to put forth the best image of their school. There was no "goofing around" during the photo session, something that I'm not used to. No one was there to tell them to do it, no instructions were given, they just did it. Surely this is a reflection on the coaches and administration, and most importantly the parents of these young men. They truly are Ambassadors for your district.
I left with a handshake and a "thank you" from each one of them, and an impression that I will take with me of the Patchogue-Medford school district.
Best of luck for an already successful season, and a very successful learning environment. And I can't wait to see their picture on the cover of Long Islands Ultimate Athlete. Thank you.

John Mecionis

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